Report: Cigarettes Increasingly Affordable in Bangladesh

The affordability of tobacco products is widely recognized as an index for benchmarking tobacco taxation in low‐ and middle‐ income countries, especially those that are experiencing rapid economic growth. Researchers examined the trend in affordability of tobacco products in Bangladesh, a country that has experienced rapid increases in income and whose World Bank classification has changed from low‐income to lower-middle income in 2015.

An analysis of data from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Bangladesh Survey concluded that both cigarettes and bidis became more affordable in Bangladesh from 2009 to 2015, while the affordability of smokeless tobacco products remained unchanged between 2011‐12 and 2014‐15. The collaborative study was led by Nigar Nargis, PhD, Director of Economic and Health Policy Research at the American Cancer Society.

Download the report on tobacco affordability in Bangladesh  (PDF, 5MB)