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August 4, 2015

Cancer Survival Data for 67 Countries Now Available on Cancer Atlas Website

Until now, comparable cancer survival data from a large and diverse group of countries was not available. New data from an article published in 2014 in The Lancet by the CONCORD Working Group has changed this, offering survival data for a number of cancer sites from 67 countries worldwide.

Cancer survival measures the chances of a patient surviving for a certain period of time after diagnosis, often five years. The survival of all cancer patients diagnosed in a country (or region) – known as population-based cancer survival – is an important measure of the overall effectiveness of the healthcare system in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of cancer.

The CONCORD-2 study has collected data on more than 25 million patients worldwide to calculate this new set of comparable measures of cancer survival around the world.

This data has been used to create a new online-only Cancer Survival chapter on the Cancer Atlas website, complete with interactive maps and functions to compare countries and download data.